Mountaintop 70L Hiking Backpack Review

Mountaintop 70L Hiking Backpack Review

MOUNTAINTOP 70L/75L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack is it really as good as people claim it to be? Let’s find out in this review

The two main aspects when purchasing hiking gear are functionality and durability.

The perfect hiking backpack ought to be weather proof. However if this is outside of your budget then it should at least be weather resistant.

We decided to have a look at Mountaintop 70L hiking backpack and do a review as it is near to be perfect because of its cost. It’s a well-built, vertically oriented trekking backpack that is also an all-purpose survival bag. This signifies every hiker’s dream back.

Mountaintop 70L Backpack Review with features and pros and cons
Mountaintop 70L Backpack

Characteristics of this Mountaintop 70 liter backpack:

  • Cushioned and padded shoulder straps.
  • Nylon material for mesh and cloth.
  • Soft and nicely padded back.
  • Waterproof and shockproof.
  • Has a rain protector.
  • Includes a high cover with pouch.
  • Many pockets.
  • Can accommodate around 80L when attached to a backpack frame.
  • Bladder and tube compartment.

Mountaintop 70L Backpack Review : PROS and CONS

The Mountaintop 70L backpack holds some Substantial Benefits over other backpacks. Here would be the following classes to research:

Dimensions and Look

The Mountaintop 70L backpack has the Exact Same rugged look as additional curricular bags. At first appearance, it seems smaller than a 70L trekking backpack.

The 70L value of distance is under a nicely designed top hood or cover of this backpack. Most trekking backpacks, there is a drawstring on the top as access to the main compartment. The Mountaintop 70L’s drawstring fabric extends upward to allow more things to fit in the bag.

This expandable feature is not uncommon in backpacks but for the kind of 70L it is somewhat surprising. This rewards hikers who need a backpack that’s usable as a smaller bag for shorter hiking excursions.

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Durability; the nylon fabric and mesh Looks sturdy. The stitching is strong and will not immediately unravel through the initial usage. If cared for and handled well, it may outlive most funding trekking bags.


Left and Right Zippers of Mountain top Hiking Backpack
Left and Right Zippers of Mountain top Hiking Backpack

The Mountaintop 70L stands beside many mid-sized hiking backpacks or rucking backpacks. It will not just have a lot of little bubbles but massive ones, also. There are a total of 2 compartments, one chief and a bigger secondary, and five components to keep things into.

The best cover of this bag includes a zippered pouch, not uncommon to get a hiking backpack. This type of pouch is frequently utilized as a snack pouch. It’s readily available, since there’s no requirement to remove the backpack. An individual can easily reach with one hand.

The very best characteristic of this Mountaintop 70L backpack is its own secondary compartment. Its secondary compartment is large enough to home bulky things such as a hiking jacket, a cushion, or a sleeping bag. Its curved opening is broad enough to pull out items readily.

Besides, within the compartment is just another pouch on the other hand. Regrettably, it is not separable in the bag; rather it ends up when unlatched.

This interior pouch has easy accessibility, intended for smaller objects such as camping speakers, laptops, phones, and even mugs that you can use while traveling. This is the ideal location to store your important products.


Functionality of Mountaintop 70L Hiking Backpack
Functionality of Mountaintop 70L Hiking Backpack

Hiking backpacks come with pockets created for carrying a Great Deal of weight. As hikers try to take more in 1 tote they also seek to carry a light burden. To address this, big backpacks have compression straps to keep the weight balanced.

The Mountaintop 70L includes a lot of compression straps. It will provide more help; maintaining the weight and shape of this tote. Additionally, this enables more points for things. Tools, kitchenware, and ropes may be attached at the sides.

The Mountaintop back pack includes distance for a hydration bladder or water bottles. There is a slot to the tube of this hydration bladder to undergo across the shoulder straps. Either side of the tote also has conventional mesh pockets for water bottles.

Another substantial role that hikers will discover helpful is the built-in rain guard. The Mountaintop 70L hiking back pack includes a tiny zippered compartment underneath the bag. Open the zipper and then pull the rain shield and then wrap it on the bag. It’s sown to the floor, washing it signifies washing the whole bag.

Ease of Accessibility

Hikers like to have access to the main compartment, typically by a zippered side. The Mountaintop 70L hiking backpack contains this. It will provide a lot of choices into this drawstring access of the primary compartment.

The panel or side access is broad enough to get a hand to rummage through. However, it may not be simple to have things from once the bag is in its full.

There are lots of access points to the primary compartment for advantage over requirement.

Comfort of Use

This backpack can take a load of 70L, it is not surprising that relaxation might become a problem.

The quality and softness of this net padding itself is adequate. There’s more of it fortified in the top part in the shoulder region. This also aids the hikers to maintain the weight of this tote stable and on the top region of the human body. This might also be why some hikers may feel that upper body distress.

The additional reinforcement on the top back, creates the mesh cushioning feel fuller on the lower spine. For many, it might feel as the upper area of the padding is tight and also the reduced part bare. A taller hiker may come across the straps pushing for their underarm longer because of the excess padding.

Mountaintop 70L Backpack Review: Conclusion

The Mountaintop 70L hiking backpack isn’t its very best quality. It does not give the identical comfort as luxury mountaineering backpacks do.

Because of its budget, it represents great value for the money. However, it might not be the ideal choice for hikers who appreciate comfort over many attributes. It supplies the essential space and compartments required for all those long hiking excursions.

Some Mountaintop bags are all appropriate as strategic packs. This trekking backpack is much more appropriate for extended hiking trips and camping functions. You can also use it as a backpack for biking when doing extend or long trips. This really isn’t the ideal alternative for anybody undergoing strategic training and so on.

It’s a durable, broad backpack made for hiking. Its price makes it perfect for novice hikers. I hope you liked this Mountaintop 70L Hiking Backpack Review. If you have any doubts, leave them in the comments below.

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