Are Climbing Tree Stands Worth It? | Helpful Advice And Thoughts

How you sit and position yourself while deer hunting is essential. One option is to use a treestand. With these tools, hunters can improve their hunt experience in an entire season by getting a better view to understand the terrain, locate a deer from a distance, lessen your ground-level scent, and try to escape the deer’s line of sight.

There are three main types of tree stand, each with its own unique features, benefits and disadvantages for your hunt. Depending on your choice, hunters can consider the hang-on stand, ladder stand, or climbing treestand. While each has its advantages, the climbing treestands are more comfortable and perfect for most hunters. Continue reading to learn about the differences and decide on the best climbing treestand for your hunt and needs.

Why Consider a Climbing Tree Stand

Summit goliath hang-on stand with a tree is fully setup

Hunters have been using treestands for years. Hunting from an elevated position has many more advantages than from the ground. When hunting from a treestand, a hunter’s field of vision is frequently widened, giving you an advantage to not spook deer.

Hunters have several options as far as tree hunting stands are concerned. Like the rest, using the best climbing stands with an umbrella for tree stands requires you to be in perfect physical condition and using a safety harness to shield you from falls, accidents and injuries. If you’ve always used a hang-on, and would like to move to a climber or vice versa, you have to know how this switch benefits you.

A ladder stand is perfect as it offers hunters a perfect view, safety, stability, can be easily adjusted to sit and climb a tree quickly and other advantages. However, ladder stands are heavy, and the weight of carrying them around for long distances in the forest or woods is a task you don’t want to stress over frequently and unlike hang-ons, the setup of some climbers do not go quiet. Thus, a ladder stand is best suited for less mobile hunters and all day sits but bear in mind that Aluminum is currently used to create some climbers, making for a light weight stand that can support a lot of weight and better than old school or older stands.

Hang-on treestand is the next available alternative for mobile hunters. They are more portable and lighter so it eliminates the need for a heavy bulky upper framework. A hang on is perfect for bow hunting, as it is lighter, easy to set up, and versatile. Compared to climbers, it is quiet to setup and the climbing sticks can attach to almost any tree, allowing you to keep hanging on your stand and hunt. However, hanging on a tree requires physical strength and fitness that may not work for some mobile hunters.

The fact that climbing sticks are typically difficult to put together and frequently don’t offer a secure grasp or enough space from the tree to allow you to climb is one of the things that most hunters find annoying about them. But, consider climbing sticks and an extremely light weight hang-on stand or a tree saddle if you really want to be mobile.

That leaves you with a single choice in this category: the climbing treestand. While these climbers don’t offer the option for two-person hunting like the dual ladder stands, these lone wolf deer-chasing climbers have benefits and features that make them a choice for many hunters, whether beginner or expert. This type of stand is more comfortable for sitting likewise easy climbing, portable, and perfect for wanderer hunters on hunts for a catch. They also have options for higher weight capacity, making them the best treestand model for heavy guys.

But, ensure you wear a full body safety harness to keep your climber ladder stands safe. Do you want to know whether to spend money on a climber? Here are some reasons to help you decide.

Climbing Tree Stands Are Versatile and Perfect for Migrant Hunters

Do you have to frequently vacate your hunting site to find more hot-deer spots or be on the edge of the favorable winds? Having the best treestand platform is the perfect solution for hunters. These type of comfortable stand climbers are more versatile and allow for more flexibility. Thus, a climbing treestand aids your hunts in the woods by bringing your game closer, allowing a hunter to take excellent shots. It is perfect for bow hunters, and enables you to be on the best side with the blow of the wind.

They’re More Comfortable

Unlike hang-on treestand that allow no comfort, climber treestands platform make a big difference as they come with a rifle rest, armrest, footrest, and seat (with thick seat cushion) for a more relaxed and super comfortable hunting to the benefit of any hunter. While they are designed exclusively for lone wolf hunters, you can be rest assured that your hunt and prey-chasing sessions will be full of comfort and relaxation.

A good climbing stand platform can be quite helpful for hunters, for instance, if you’re hunting on public property, or even on a long hunt on private property where there isn’t as much time to scout and hang stands. Nevertheless, a lightweight setup is necessary for hunting in a public land and epending on the type of stand and climbing method, weights will vary. Also, these stands come with open and closed functions for more versatility and choice. Thus, you can choose to hunt while taking a seat or taking a stand.

They’re the Perfect Option for a Portable and Lightweight Climbing Treestand

Nothing beats the joy of a hunting season, especially with changing hunting sites, finding the best trees and discovering new hot-deer spots. However, moving your climber, especially if it’s heavy and bulky like a ladder stand as against a hang-on stand can be challenging and tiring for any hunter. You want to leave it at a given spot and keep hunting from one tree.

But that’s even harder if you’re hunting on public land where you can’t install permanent stands. In this case, a hunter has no option than to carry a heavy tree saddle after the hunting session. Even if you can leave the climber stand installed, you’ll still need to face the risk of someone coming behind you and stealing your climber stand.

Thankfully, all these aren’t problems with some of the best climbing treestands. While some of these models are heavy, most climbers are lightweight, portable, and can fit into a backpack of a hunter. Thus, you can easily carry your tool to every stand location and escape the risk of theft. Also, you can secure your hunting spot from other hunters who may want to explore after seeing your stand platform and use it for hunting.

A man carries the hang-on treestand in his back

They’re Easy to Use

Using a climber is easy and less daunting for a hunter. You don’t need to use climbing sticks because a climber is fastened to the tree before you climb it. Also, you don’t have to think about exhausting technical setups, bear the sound of climbing sticks hitting against each other, or any bolts and nuts to fix and adjust during each hunt.

Unlike a hang-on stand, climber treestands are extrememly comfortable and take less time to set up and use on a hunt. Although climbers are quick and easy, you are unable to hunt in a tree with any cover for shelter. When you have a climber, you are constantly searching for the perfect tree for your climber rather than the greatest tree for the location.

Also, today’s climbers come in different sizes and these climbers provide functionalities that are the perfect tree stand for the big guys. The only essential requirement for a hunter is to find the perfect tree.


Which is the number one disadvantage of a climbing treestand?

Unlike the hang-on stands, which you can use on any tree, climber and ladder stands have specific requirements. You’ll need to locate a perfectly-sized straight tree with few or no branches. Hunters often prefer maple and Oak trees since their barks don’t shift much, allowing for more stability.

Where should I put a climbing treestand?

The success of your hunting on the climbing stand depends on the stand site or location. Survey your terrain and discover any secondary paths other haunters haven’t explored. The fallen leaves and soft mud will also help you notice the deer tracks.
After finding a perfect spot search for a sturdy tree, the best tree is one with little to no branches to install your climber treestand. Check the bark to ensure it supports limited to zero shifting for more stability.

Is it okay to pee off the climbing tree stand?

No. It may be tedious to climb down to pee and up to continue hunting, but the alternative option isn’t good for your deer-chasing endeavor. A treestand should hide you and take your scent off the ground level. However, peeing off a climber sends volumes of warm, fresh human scents that can easily scare and drive away your game. Thus, it’s worth all the effort and time to climb down and back up your hunting spot.

Where should my comfortable climbing tree stand face?

Your climbing treestand should help you get a clear view of your surrounding terrains and offer you an advantage from the direction of the wind. To reap big from your efforts, ensure the climber is facing away from the sun. That way, the sun doesn’t blur your vision, but any prey coming in your direction won’t be able to see you clearly since the sun’s rays hit their eyes directly. For instance, place the stand facing west if you’re planning to hunt in the morning so that the sun rises from behind you.

Is it okay to leave tree climbers standing all year?

It may be tempting to leave your climbing stand in position for several months or all year long, especially if you’re not planning to change hunting spots. However, this is inappropriate. These tools require frequent maintenance to ensure they’re effective and safe. Leaving it standing for several months may cause equipment failure and lead to falling accidents and injuries. Even with prompt maintenance and repair, ensure you wear a safety harness when hunting from a climbing treestand.

Climbing Tree Stands. Are they Worth Your Money?

Hunting treestand has several advantages that make you an impeccable deer hunter. The perfect view of your surroundings, the elevated spot above your stage’s sight, and your scent out of the ground level are some advantages to enjoy. Deciding to get one of the best climber ladder stands also means additional hunting options, more versatility, safety, flexibility, and ease of use.

Given the numerous advantages, these climbing stands are worth every penny you spend on their purchase. However, you must be cautious during purchase and choose the best tree ladder stands. If weight is a concern, look out for traditional tree stands with a large platform. Ensure your tool is made of high-quality materials and all its units function flawlessly. Also, buying the best lightweight climbing ladder treestand allows for more portability.

For greater functionality, larger men should take into account the models that are built to support heavier loads.

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