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Hunters who use air rifles as their first weapon prefer the Best .22 Air rifle for Hunting. While the .22 has a lower FPS and a slightly shorter death zone than other calibers, this option outperforms when it comes to small game hunting with one shot.

The best .22 air rifles for hunting has more energy to hunt than its peers. As these weapons use more caliber, launching small games becomes relatively simpler and more effective most of the time.

If you’ve already chosen a similar tool but aren’t sure which one to buy, here are seven best 22 air rifles for hunting small games like vermin, squirrels, etc. This guide is based on professionalism and user experience. So without delays, let’s get to the list:

Best .22 Air Rifle For Hunting Reviews

1. Benjamin BP2SXS Prowler Nitro Piston .22 Caliber Break Barrel Air Rifle

Benjamin Prowler BP2SXS .22-Caliber Pellet NP Break Barrel Air Rifle

For hunting sessions, you need to make sure that the firearm can withstand harsh environments and wild conditions. Benjamin controls these aspects and introduces you to this all-weather air rifle. The shaft is made of durable synthetic material on which you can rely.

In addition to the durable construction, the Nitro Piston is comfortable in the hand. The front handle is comfortable to hold even with a sweaty hand.

Compared to conventional air rifles, this remains much quieter when hunting thanks to sound insulation technology. Even if you miss a target, the game will not be protected from noise.

In terms of performance, these air guns can fire the best .22 pellets at 950 FPS, while maintaining accuracy. It is difficult to find a 0.22 aircraft pistol that will maintain accuracy over long distances. You can aim and hit objects from a long distance with little difficulty.

In terms of reloading the rifle, it is lighter and smoother than the others in its class. Nitro piston technology significantly reduces recoil and causes noise.

With 70% less noise and very little recoil, you will find this air rifle ideal for hunting. Making it top our list and the best .22 air rifle for hunting. Built-in Quiet Fire technology for noise suppression ensures noise reduction.

Its pistol grip is adjustable. You can customize according to your style and preferences. For hunting, this two-stage trigger is considered the best among snipers.

  • Exactly Made for hunting
  • High FPS
  • Great for targetting Small Animals
  • Less reloading
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Less Recoil or hindsight
  • The scope could have been better
  • Above-average Construction Quality Still has room for improvement.
Benjamin BP2SXS Prowler Nitro Piston
Benjamin BP2SXS Prowler Nitro Piston .22-Caliber Break Barrel Air Rifle, Black, the Prowler unlike the Benjamin Trail has reduced recoil and shoots with 70% less noise and slowly releases air pressure, This firearm features a durable all-weather synthetic foregrip, rifled steel barrel, QuietFire sound suppression technology like the Benjamin Trail.

2. Gamo Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle

Gamo Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle, 177 Cal

It is very difficult to find an economical air pistol that offers reliable performance, high speed, and rugged construction. Gamo Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle is one of those .22 caliber Air rifles that will take your hunting skills to the next level.

 .22 caliber PBA platinum pellets along with this rifle will allow you to reach targets with speeds up to 975 FPS. Even if the diameter of the bullets is slightly larger than that of the .177 caliber pellets due to their high speed, there are no noticeable differences when using them for hunting.

You can launch the pistol multiple times as it detects a 10 rpm magazine. Requires less reloading than traditionally known break barrel barrels.

Breaking the barrel is relatively easier. Regardless of age and strength, you or a young shooter will have no major problem reloading the rifle. The steel of the cylinder is made of polymer-coated material to ensure that it can easily withstand force and pressure.

If you move the rifle to a quiet place to hunt, the shot will not sound. The rifle has a built-in noise cancellation technology that reduces noise as much as possible.

The overall performance and accuracy of this weapon are quite consistent. You won’t feel much vibration after taking it. In addition the recoil is very low, which makes it ideal for beginners and professionals.

To increase accuracy, the rifle has a two-stage adjustable trigger that gives you a clean, clear, and uniform shot without sacrificing accuracy. You can customize it.

  • Excellent accuracy
  • Strong impact on goals
  • Rigid and weather friendly construction
  • Quiet Firing reception
  • High fps
  • Comes with a scope
  • Accuracy of the scope could be improved
Gamo Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle
Gamo Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle, 10X Quick-Shot patent pending technology that utilizes a 10-round rotary-style magazine, providing faster loading for repetitive shooting.

3. Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock PCP-Powered Hunting Air Rifle

Benjamin Marauder BP1764S .177-Caliber Pellet PCP Hunting Air Rifle

The 0.22 caliber air rifles don’t go as high as 1000 frames per second. This is one from Benjamin is an expectation. Using .22-caliber pellets with this rifle gives you 1,000 FPS, dramatically increasing your shooting range and accuracy.

This fast speed makes it ideal for firing this rifle, on a board (target shooting), plinking, and in pest control. It can be a versatile rifle for you when your target needs a big impact.

The built-in pressure air rifle makes it easy to get a lot of bullets. The weapon is loaded quickly and easily with quick-release parts. So without a long pause, you can start firing your rifle again much faster.

The two-stage adjustable trigger with bolt action makes it ideal for long-distance hunting. The rifle fires bullets quickly while maintaining high accuracy. Relaxation is always the same and gentle, guaranteeing a perfect hunting experience.

Unlike conventional rifles, I shot here for 10 rounds. The magazine can store up to 10 pellets at a time, which is very convenient because you don’t have to reload more often.

If weight of a rifle is an issue for you, the gun is light enough to be carried comfortably on the ground.

To ensure a quiet shooting experience, the manufacturer used an internal liner. You can maintain accuracy and quiet combustion without any problems.

  • Sustainable in all weathers
  • High FPS
  • High accuracy
  • Very Small Recoil
  • Less noisy
  • Light
  • Ideal for hunting
  • Bolt is a bit hard to pull
  • Requires a handful of accessories to tune
Benjamin Marauder BP1764S Synthetic Stock PCP-Powered
Benjamin Marauder BP1764S Synthetic Stock PCP-Powered, 177-Caliber Pellet Multi-Shot Bolt-Action Hunting Air Rifle, Made top secret changes to the valve resulting in a 12% better power and a 30% increase in shot count (.22 & .177).

4. Lastworld B1 5.5mm 22 Caliber Air Pellet Gun Rifle (Best Budget Hunting Rifle)

Lastworld B1 4.5mm Caliber Air Gun Pellet Rifle 177 Caliber Free 200 Palletts

This traditionally designed air rifle offers the best value for beginners looking for a rifle to shoot. For practice and sometimes hunting, this can be a good economic deal to start shooting.

You can shoot at 400 fps with 0.22 caliber pellets sized 5.5. So, don’t expect it to be an exact long-range target. One air rifle is enough for close-up photos.

Interestingly, many users have found that the FPS often exceeds 800.

During the hunt, you can chase small games at 50 meters without losing accuracy. Because you pay for this weapon, you can’t ask for a more expensive download. An air rifle can also strike prey, which has an effect.

In terms of build quality, the pistol has a composite metal and wood construction sturdy enough to withstand almost anything you can throw. The weapon is strong and powerful in the hand, although it weighs only 5.3 Lbs. That is why it is not very dangerous to carry it in your hand.

Although it is traditionally built, you can install it on a large scale. It has no rails, is open for the fuselage and other accessories.

  • Decent accuracy
  • Durable wood and metal Built
  • Powerful impact on Small things like vermin
  • 200 rounds caliber is included
  • The scope can be mounted
  • Feels a bit heavy while carrying
  • The trigger is a bit stiff
Lastworld B1 5.5mm Caliber Air Gun
Lastworld B1 5.5mm Caliber Air Gun Pellet Rifle 177 Caliber Free 200 Palletts, High Quality, Brand New, Comes with 200 round of Caliber, B1 4.5mm Pallet Air Rifle 400 FPS, Caliber 4.5mm Muzzle Velocity 400 FPS Overall Length 990mm Weight 2.4 KG Rifle Line 12 Strong Metal Caliber Wood body Good Quality.

5. Gamo Urban PCP 22 Caliber Air Rifle

Gamo Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle, 177 Cal

On paper, the FPS determines the class of a rifle. However, with real recordings, things are not as good as they are on paper. Take this long-range rifle as an example.

Although it fires pellets at up to 800 fps, which is considered the medium range, the accuracy of the 22 Caliber Air Rifle can be directly compared to the high-end M models Dello.

Made from high-quality materials, you can guarantee the durability of the 22 Caliber air rifle no matter how many times you take to the field to hunt small game. With the ability to withstand all weather conditions and adversity, you can count on its reliable construction.

Equipped with an adjustable two-stage trigger CAT, picking up is easier and much faster than conventional ones with the 22 Caliber air rifle.

With its 232 push rods, you can load the 22 Caliber air rifle quickly and easily without having to spend a lot of time on it. Due to the large printing capacity you have to load less in the field.

With one of the best PCP rifles on the list, the performance of this 22 Caliber air rifle is quite satisfactory. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced shooter, you will find the 22 Caliber air rifle a weapon that performs well for general shooting. For those who need more target practice, this PCP rifle is perfect for shooting and one of the best .22 air rifle for hunting.

Accuracy is best within 25 yards. You can hit the target even further from that distance without sacrificing too much precision.

  • Great accuracy when hunting
  • Decent FPS speed
  • Made sustainable
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Pump less often
  • The trigger is of Cheap Quality
  • Doesn’t come with a magazine
Gamo Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle
Gamo Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle, The Whisper Maxxim features two noise dampening chambers offering a quieter performance as well as an improved muzzle energy break design and automatic safety, This technology consists in a pre-charged pneumatic cylinder that is replacing the spring to improve muzzle energy .

6. Benjamin Marauder Wood Stock Air Rifle

Benjamin Marauder BP1764W .177-Caliber Pellet PCP Hunting Air Rifle, Wood

Another classic air rifle on the list! Benjamin’s is impressive for hunting because everything is in the gun. The .22 caliber of the pistol can reach up to 1000 FPS with excellent accuracy and a powerful punch. These are the main prerequisites for hunting.

Compared to other PCP rifles, it costs almost half the price. Even if you invest in a cheap air rifle, you won’t be disappointed with its performance.

The pistol can withstand up to 3000 PSI which means it needs refills less frequently while hunting. Once you fill the pistol it can easily hold 30-40 rounds. If you are a strong person, a hand pump can work well. For those who find it difficult to use such a pump, using a scuba tank would always make it easier.

The handle is made of high-quality wooden or plastic stock, so you can rely on its durability. That said, the overall build, including the barrel, trigger, and other areas, feels pretty good at this price point.

In terms of accuracy, the weapon shoots the target without making large concessions in accuracy. You can hit targets with little effort for both short and long range shots.

Whether your target is shooting, pest control, small game hunting, or spearmint hunting, this can be a great choice, especially if you are on a tight budget.

You will love the way this air rifle shoots at targets. If you have it for pest control, no matter how often you have to clean squirrels and other pests, your neighbor will have no idea that you are shooting.

Benjamin Marauder Wood Stock PCP Rifle
Benjamin Marauder Wood Stock PCP Rifle .177 Cal. BP1764W, Benjamin Marauder Airguns have become the go-to guns for predator and small game hunters.

7. Umarex Diana RWS Model 34 Break Barrel Pellet Air Rifle

Diana RWS Model 34 Break Barrel Hardwood Stock Pellet Gun Air Rifle, .22 Caliber, Gun Only

This rifle made of durable wood and metal can count on this rifle for decades or more. Umarex Diana offers this legendary air pistol with practical and efficient features and specifications that make hunting easier and more convenient.

Speed ​​reaches up to 800 fps with .22 caliber pellets while maintaining accuracy. While the air rifle does not get the highest FPS rating on the list, it manages to fire bullets with sufficient accuracy for hunting.

Since this is a broken barrel shotgun, it would take about an effort to pound the barrel to reload. The ambidextrous design makes it ideal for right and left side users.

Long-distance shooting is primarily associated with hunting. To achieve this, the weapon has not single-stage, but adjustable two-stage triggers that shoot easily and evenly. This special trigger mechanism is designed to maintain the accuracy of the shot.

Each time you pull the trigger, the rubber recoil pad will absorb the shock on your shoulder with the firearm safety in sight.

The more interesting thing about this rifle is that it comes with adjustable fiber optic spots on the back that make it easier to aim more precisely.

Weighing less than 14.5 pounds, the rifle has no problem in the field. The hardwood stock of the air rifles are durable and well balanced so it is easy to hold and fire in a variety of situations. Undoubtedly, it deserves to be on this list of best .22 Air Rifle for Hunting with Accuracy

  • Made of high-quality material
  • Powerful shooting strokes
  • Specific fiber optic Sight
  • Shoots accurately and with consistency
  • Relatively simple for cocking
  • The riflescope can be mounted on the rail
  • Can be heavy for starters or young people
  • Safety Switch feels wobbly
Diana RWS Model 34 Pellet Gun Air Rifle
Diana RWS Model 34 Break Barrel Hardwood Stock Pellet Gun Air Rifle, .22 Caliber, Air rifles Only, Made by German craftsmen, the Model 34 has an adjustable rear sights and a rifled barrel. With a cocking weight of just 33 lbs., there's no need to worry about cocking difficulty and pellet weight.

What to Look for Before Buying the Best .22 Air Rifle for Hunting

When you are trying to make your first purchase of a rifle, it is normal to feel frustrated with all the specifications and features of a rifle. Each of these features and specifications has specific purposes. Find the things you want to see on your Air rifles that are worthy of meeting your needs.

Types of air guns

There are mainly three types of air rifles on the market. The mechanism of action and characteristics differ from each other.

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Pneumatic Air rifle (PCP)

This mechanism has a pump stage responsible for pumping air into the room. After each shot or a specified number of shots, the shooter must manually pump the rifle.

The most common reason people choose this option is that these air rifles are cheap. A PCP weapon offers excellent value for money. You can also use it very effectively for short range hunting purposes.

Spring Powered Air Rifles – Air rifle with spring

These air rifles use a spring to compress the air in their chamber, which acts as a source of energy. Compared to PCP pistols, this is a more powerful option and therefore suitable for hunting.

If you get one of these air rifles, you can shoot with great precision. However, weaponry can be a bit tricky for the weak and women.

CO2 air rifle

Compressed gas or cartridges are used as the power source for CO2 air rifles. You don’t have to pump the air rifle every time before firing. A single reload can fire about 40-50 rounds before needing a reload.

Compared to others, these guys are not that powerful. You need to buy a hand pump or scuba tank to refill and some other accessories for maintenance.


One of the factors affecting the accuracy of the shot is this FPS or velocity rating. Usually, 650 or less are considered low FPS, more than 650 as medium FPS, and 800 FPS or more as high-speed rifles.

Anything between 700 and 900 would be more than enough for hunting. If you generally pursue small games from a distance, a higher is better.

In terms of practice and target setting, a low to medium FPS rating will do the job in most cases.


Some models are equipped with an adjustable trigger. If you don’t like the trigger on the neck, you can adjust it to your style for faster shooting. You can also replace the trigger with an advanced trigger if the trigger system allows it. If you want to maximize accuracy and speed, this is an essential consideration.

Noise level

If you’re getting the air rifle for backsight or pest control, you should be looking for a model that fires relatively quietly. You don’t want to disturb the neighbors every time you shoot a squirrel or other vermin. A silent air gun would therefore be extremely useful in avoiding community problems.

Build quality

The stock is the most important part of any weapon which determines the durability of the device. Some supplies are made of synthetic material; They are great for avoiding all kinds of weather problems. Wooden trees are very durable. However, you might not find these actions very effective in dealing with weather issues.

Benefits of getting a .22 Air Rifle

• .22 Air Rifle help in Hunting small game

If hunting is required to hit targets with high impact, nothing will exceed 0.22 caliber bullets. The high-efficiency bullets hit the targets with great force and easily drop them. With such a weapon, you can easily kill squirrels, raccoons, and other small games.

• Air gun for pest control

These weapons are also very effective for pest control. Since most owners use a rifle within 50 meters for a parasite, a 22 caliber can reach such a distance without losing accuracy. If you are a headshot expert, you will get great results.

• To plink

Since the plink requires the hunters and riflemen to shoot at nearby targets, 0.22 caliber rifles also serve such a purpose. You can hit targets with great precision and powerful effect. For training purposes, this can be an effective option to improve your shooting skills.

• Low noise level

Compared to other weapons, the range of a .22 pistol is almost short. Whether you buy one of these guns for hunting or pest control, the noise won’t escape the toys and your neighbors won’t complain when you shoot pests in the yard.

Frequently Asked Questions on .22 Air Rifle for Hunting(FAQs)

  1. What is the effective range of a .22 air rifle?

    You can get high precision 0.22 range with an air rifle within a distance of 45 to 50 Yards. Anything over 50 yards will be quite difficult as they do not produce remote accuracy.

  2. Can a .22 air rifle be used for killing small animals like rabbits?

    With the shooting shot from a .22 caliber rifle, you can shoot a rabbit or other small things with one sharp shot.

  3. What is the most effective range for .22 air rifle?

    Most of the 0.22 air rifle have the average FPS is in the range of 800-900 FPS. There are also models that can shoot at 1000 FPS or more.


Once you have the best .22 air rifle, you can use it for other purposes like pest control, plinking, and hunting, small animals, and more. Consider investing in a good quality rifle to get years of trouble-free use of the air rifle.

Don’t press yourself with the FPS rating of any weapon; an accurate gun with a medium FPS rating would be better than a less accurate and high FPS rating model.

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