Best 22 Pellets for Accuracy and Hunting | Top 10 reviewed

Do you have an air rifle? If so, you know how important it is to find the right pellet. Some will work great in certain barrels, not so much in others. If you are looking for the best 22 pellets for hunting, we’re here to help.

If you haven’t had much experience, it’s worth bearing in mind that not all airgun pellets perform the same in all guns, so it is certainly worth trying a range before you settle on your favorite. By doing this you’ll be able to see which ones are most accurate, which ones fly straightest through the air, and which ones can take down small game with ease! It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro – we all want our shots to count when hunting or target shooting.

So with that said, here are some of the best .22 pellets for accuracy and hunting to help you find the right one that works best for your barrel and your .22 air rifle.

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Top picks

10 Best 22 pellets for accuracy and hunting

1. Haendler & Natermann H&N Hunting Sampler best 22 Caliber Pellets

H&N Sport Haendler & Natermann Airsoft Rifle Hunting Sampler Type II .22 Cal (5 Types)

Buying the right pellet can very much depend on your air rifle. Some will work great in certain barrels, not so much in others. So if you find yourself unsure, this first recommendation could be a great starting point.

The H&N Hunting Sampler pellet pack is an excellent way to determine which pellets work best in your air rifle. The sampler pack contains:

  • 30 H&N Baracuda Power pellets
  • 30 H&N Crow Magnum pellets
  • 35 H&N Hornet pellets
  • 30 H&N Baracuda Hunter pellets
  • 30H&N Baracuda Green pellets

This variety of different pellets will allow you to test your air rifle and find the right one that works best for you and your rifle.

H&N Sport Haendler & Natermann Airsoft Rifle Hunting Sampler Type II .22 Cal (5 Types)
H&N .22 cal. Hunting Pellet Sampler 30 H&N Baracuda Power (18.21gr) 30 H&N Crow Magnum pellets (18.21gr) 35 H&N Hornet (16.2 gr.) 30 H&N Baracuda Hunter pellets (18.21gr) 30 H&N Baracuda Green pellets (12.96gr.)

2. Crosman Premier Hollow Point Pellet 22 caliber, 14.3 Gr., 500 counts

Crosman Premier Lead Pellets (500-Count)

Crosman Premier Hollow Point pellets are a popular product due to their efficiency and ability to improve the shooter’s capabilities.

Hollow bullets are allowed to spread during impact to damage more targets. They are ideal for short shots as they have a weak ballistic coefficient or drop force.

The coating on this product is lead, which damages the quarry more. It weighs 14.3 grains, and the package contains 500 pellets in each can.

When in power, it can penetrate thicker objects, about half an inch 9 feet high. The shooter could expect the projectile to penetrate the can at the height of 15 meters because of the depth.

Thus, Crosman is excellent ammo for people who don’t want to use a real mane for their hunting and diving needs. While not very energy-efficient, it is easy to use and inexpensive.

Due to the acceptable price and discount, you can use it to control small pests. It is recommended for beginners who want to practice their game skills and play smaller games.

You can use it for a long time as the pot has 500 pellets – so if you are the type who takes your precision game seriously, you can use this product with targeted training and hunting mites for as long as you want.

Crosman Premier Lead Pellets (500-Count)
Crosman Premier Lead Pellets (500-Count), Crosman . 22 and 0.177-caliber Premium Pellets are made using the highest grade precision tooling to ensure each 22 pellets for accuracy is nearly indistinguishable from the next, to insure consistent accuracy.

3. Haendler & Natermann Hornet best .22 pellet for hunting

Haendler & Natermann Hornet Pointed Airgun Pellets, High-Impact, Super-Penetrating for Hunting, 22...

The Haendler & Natermann Hornet Pointed Airgun Pellets are among the best airgun pellets of all time. This product provides excellent penetration, great accuracy, and maximum quality that is guaranteed by the well-renowned German reliable manufacturer.

The Hornet has a pointed tip made from real brass which aids in incomparable penetration. The creation of this product was inspired by the natural durability and aerodynamic shape of hornets, which make it a truly devastating pellet gun.

Its super snug fit inside ensures accurate shots every time, making it great for a consistent and reliable shooting experience. The perfect pellets for close-range vermin extermination or backyard target practice, the Hornet is incredibly accurate within 40 yards

The Hornet .22 caliber is the ideal pellet gun for a high-impact, penetrating shot. The aerodynamic design of the brass pointed tip delivers excellent speed while the pointed end provides maximum piercing power for precise penetration at the target with controlled expansion.

Haendler & Natermann Hornet Pointed Airgun Pellets, High-Impact, Super-Penetrating for Hunting, 22...
The Hornet .22 cal is your ideal choice for a high-impact, massively penetrating hunting pellet. The aerodynamic design of the brass tip provides excellent velocity, and the pointed end delivers maximum piercing power for incredible penetration at the target, with a controlled expansion. This is a truly devastating hunting pellet

4. Crosman PO22 caliber best long range .22 pellet

Crosman P022 .22-Caliber Pointed Pellets (175-Count)

If you have been using pellets for a while, you should know that Crossman is a well-known brand offering reliable products.

These pellets will do well if you are hunting small game in the field or even if you want to use them for pest control. The first thing to think about with these pellets is the high-quality design that increases the game’s damage.

Each damper has a sharp design that quickly penetrates the game and drops instantly. Making the pellets ideal for long distances as it certainly leaves no damage to the beef.

In this pack, you will receive another 175 pellets at the bottom. Since this is limited, you should be careful not to run out of pellets too often.

Crosman PO22 .22-Caliber Pointed Pellets (175-Count)
Crosman PO22 .22-Caliber Pointed Pellets (175-Count), Imported, Made using the highest quality components, Performance and quality tested, Pointed Pellets

5. JSB Diabolo Jumbo Monster accurate caliber 22 pellets

JSB Diabolo Exact .22 Caliber Air Gun Pellets

If you want the 22 best pellets, you can check this product from JSB, Diablo Jumbo Exact Monster. This round nose pellet has an intermediate weight and is designed to deliver improved flight stabilization and flight accuracy.

Jsb pellets are the most suitable products for hunting and shooting. It is equipped with weights or grains selected to fit several large air rifles. The pellet has excellent quality – it has a high weight that can keep up to 50 joules, but it can also compete with weapons over 70 joules.

Accuracy is also controlled thanks to the medium weight and round nose. This keeps the pellets stable in the air and hits the target as you aim for the gun. All you need to start the game is a hit with this pellet.

The quality of each package bale is thoroughly inspected by supervising staff to ensure the product’s high value. This product requires the use of a practical shotgun, but if you are accurate and precise with ballistic odds, this article is for you.

However, the product is more expensive than Crosman, and the package contains only 200 pellets. However, if you only need to place one bullet, you might want to consider it – accurate, it has a lot more energy delivery and fits your more formidable rifle.

JSB Diabolo Exact .22 Caliber Air Gun Pellets
JSB Diabolo Exact .22 Caliber Air Gun Pellets, most accurate pellets round nose design for more humane kills. Pellet is very heavy weight makes it ideal as a hunting pellet. One shot is all you need for medium game hunting, including hare, fox, squirrels, and birds.

6. RWS- Super point Extra Field Line lightweight 22 Pellets

RWS- Superpoint Extra 2317384 Field Line Air Gun Pellets .22 Caliber

The RWS Super point Extra Pellets are a powerhouse when it comes to shooting. The Conical head design provides deep penetration to give your target the finishing shot.

These lighter pellets can fly at a high velocity when it is propelled from low-powered air guns. This enhances the performance of your air gun when you are shooting at medium ranges.

The pellets are also made with high-quality lead and boast great accuracy, which is due to the precision manufacturing that goes into every shot.

If you’re looking for an edge when trying to enhance stabilization, better overall performance, or improve your accuracy by shooting targets in the backyard, make sure to try out the RWS Super point Extra Pellets.

7. H&N Terminator Hollowpoint best .22 air rifle Pellets

HN Terminator Holllowpoint Airgun Pellets .22 cal. 200ct

H&N Terminator Hollowpoint Airgun Pellets are a great choice for your next hunt. Made with precision and power in mind, these airgun pellets will help you take down your target with ease.

With extreme accuracy and deadly knockdown force on impact, the Terminator .22 pellets are perfect for clean, humane small game hunting and pest control.

The innovative design of the Terminator pellet makes it different from other pellets, as it has a small lead projection that rises up from the center of the hollow points. This design helps the pellet mushroom on impact, making it even more effective than notch-less pellets.

These airgun pellets are also made specifically for gun shooting and have a minimum muzzle energy of 12 ft-lbs., ensuring that you’ll have the power you need to take down your target.

So if you’re looking for a reliable and remarkably accurate hunting pellet, the H&N Terminator Hollowpoint Airgun Pellets are a great choice. Try them today and see the difference they make. You won’t be disappointed.

8. Olympia Shot Slug OS Air Gun 22 Pellets

Olympia Shot Slug OS Air Gun Pellets | .22 Caliber (5.5 mm), 25 Grain | Slug Designed for Target...

Olympia Shot Pellets are manufactured utilizing the highest quality machinery and components.

The Olympia Shot Slug OS Air Gun Pellets are a perfect pellet for those yearning for long-range shooting with accuracy and power. Due to the heavier weight of the Slug OS pellet, it is intended for use in air rifles that produce energy of 25 J or higher to achieve the best results.

These pellets have an excellent blend of penetration and penetration. This blend is perfect for high powered airguns. The shape of these pellets also differs from those of other air guns. The Slug OS is shaped much like a standard bullet with a pointed nose, concave tip, cylindrical shape, and parallel sides.

Another great feature of these airgun pellets is their ability to mushroom on impact. This increases the size of the wound channel, causing greater damage to the target and significantly increasing the chance of a quick kill.

Additionally, the Slug OS is manufactured with a lead alloy for heavier pellets than most other air rifle pellets on the market. This added weight gives the pellet more impact energy when it hits the target, ensuring a clean and humane kill.

The Olympia Shot Slug OS Air Gun Pellets are a perfect choice for anyone looking for air rifle pellets that provide accuracy, powerful impact, controlled penetration, and overall excellent quality.

Olympia Shot Slug OS Air Gun Pellets | .22 Caliber (5.5 mm), 25 Grain | Slug Designed for Target...
  • HIGH-POWERED AIR GUNS ONLY: Due to the heavy weight of the Slug OS pellets, they are intended for use in Pre-Charged Pneumatics (PCP) air rifles that produce at least 25 joules of energy. To achieve...

9. Predator Polymag Short most accurate 22 Pellets

Predator Polymag 1011-01 Short Air Gun Pellets .22 Cal, 16 Grains, Short, 8G, 200ct

Predator Polymag Short Air Gun Pellets are a great choice for anyone looking for an extremely accurate and powerful pellet.

These pellets feature a hollow point design that delivers more energy to the target even after pellets fall out of the sky, along with an alloy wad-cutter design that makes them competitive with any lead-free pellet on the market.

Predator Polymag pellets are also with this precisely crafted for less drag, fine accuracy, and knockdown power even at long range, making them an excellent choice for the hunt.

They are carefully designed, precisely produced and hand-picked quality controlled, so you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible pellet for your needs.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, extremely accurate, and powerful pellet, Predator Polymag Short Air Gun Pellets are a great choice.

Predator Polymag 1011-01 Short Air Gun Pellets .22 Cal, 16 Grains, Short, 8G, 200ct
  • HEAVY HITTING: Pellets pack a wallop! This pellet’s hollow point design, along with its extremely high ballistic coefficient, means less drag and more energy delivery at the target

10. Gamo Luxor CU Sharp Pyramid Hunting .22 air pistol Pellets

Gamo Luxor CU 632282154 Sharp Pyramid Hunting Pellets 0.22c

The Gamo Luxor CU Sharp Pyramid Hunting Pellets are excellent for hunting small games. The innovative sharp pyramid-shaped tip enables it to cut and shatter your target, while the copper layer ensures a high energy transfer and 100% weight retention after impact.

The Pyramid Hunting Pellets have an aerodynamic rear skirt for great flight characteristics and an extremely high ballistic coefficient. These lead free pellets come in a secure tin can to prevent accidental pellet spills with the quantity of 100.

Gamo Luxor CU 632282154 Sharp Pyramid Hunting Pellets 0.22c
  • Sharp, pyramid-shaped tip to cut and shatter your target.

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SPIKA Compact Airgun Cleaning Kit .177 Cal & .22 Cal

The HSPIKA Compact Airgun/Rifle Cleaning Kit is a high-quality product that is perfect for cleaning .177 cal & .22 cal airguns.

This kit includes:

  • 2 bronze brushes
  • 2 cotton mops
  • 1 utility brush
  • 1 patch holder
  • 1 muzzle guard
  • 1 box of patches
  • 1 adapter.

HSPIKA Compact Air Rifle Cleaning Kit is perfect for anyone who owns an airgun. It is a high-quality product that will help keep your airgun clean and in good working order.

SPIKA Compact Airgun Cleaning Kit .177 Cal & .22 Cal
  • Suitable for Caliber: The cleaning kit multifuntion tools suitable for .177 cal & .22 cal.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best .22 Pellets for Hunting

Before you buy that first sheet of pellets that you see online or in a brick-and-mortar store, the first thing to consider is the shape of ammunition that is right for your air pistols and operational needs. This is an important factor not to be missed as there are different types of pellets.

Choose the 22 best pellets for precision. Even with the pellets, we reviewed recently, we advise you on looking for .22 caliber pellets. Here are the factors to consider:

Shape and Form

I always start by checking for the right ammo shape or type of pellet before deciding where to go. The shape of the pellet depends on what you want during the hunt. Some have a strong ability to fall, while others easily penetrate the animal’s skin.


The sharp point is recommended for hunting small vermin and can control the speed for long-range solid shots.


Also known as the Diablo pellet, this type is best for versatile use because a domed pellet has an excellent aerodynamic design as a well-formed domed nose. The round shape makes domed pellets have precision, good ball flight, and maximum speed. Domed pellets are good at deflecting wind drift and are perfect for field target shooting.


This type of pellet is also known as the flathead type and ensures stable and reliable shooting. The shape is recommended for hunting because of its significant impact and controlled break-in.

Hollow points

The hollow point type is recommended to get rid of small parasites. The hollow points’ pellets expand their structure upon contact without fully entering the groove.

What is the best weight of a .22 pellet for hunting?

The weight of the pellets must also be taken into account. The weight of the line ultimately determines speed, flight stability, flatter trajectory and terminal power.

Ensure the pellets are at least 14 grains if you don’t want to be disappointed with your shot. If you are shooting more than 30 meters long, you will need pellets with 16 or more grids.

What helps prevent accidental pellet spills?

An accurate pellet is not the only part worth considering, most formidable air rifles need to use the well-designed screw-on lid that the accurate pellets in this list have.


Make sure your shots are correct as you are in the field to hunt. Yes, you might be a marksman, but did you know that choosing the wrong pellet can affect your overall accuracy of shooting? In this case, the required pellets must be transported and precisely beaten.

Choose pellets that run smoothly and are not too heavy. But as long as your gun is strong enough, the bullets’ weight may not be that much of a problem.

Remember to consider the speed of the pellets when choosing. Lead-based pellets are generally heavy, which will slow the speed of your shot. If you want to use quick pellets, you should choose a lead-free bowl.

Besides, energy or fall power must be taken into account when picking up pellets. In general, it is essential to find the best .22 caliber pellets to aid you with your hunting gear and accessories. Make your pick based on what you’re looking for, the type of air gun and the shooting distance.

Which is better .22 or .177 pellets?

Hunters and shooters understand the benefits of using a good air rifle. If you are looking for the best pellets for hunting, the most popular options are .22 and .177.

The Best .177 pellets will have more of a punch than the best .22 pellets. The most essential factor when it comes to accuracy is the weight of the pellet. A .177 pellet maximizes velocity and has more kinetic energy than a .22, so it will be better suited for bird games and other small ones.

The Best .22 pellets are better for hunting larger game. This is a heavier pellet, so they will travel slower and have more impact energy. They are also more accurate at longer ranges.

Ultimately, the best pellet for your needs depends on the size of the game and the distance you are shooting. If you are hunting small games at close range, the .177 is a better option.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Why choose the .22 pellets for hunting?

You must have selected something by now, which is your preferred choice for a .22 air pistol. And I believe that now, you must have known why they are the best choice for hunting? If you did not, here we have all the reasons to choose the .22 caliber pellets for hunting:
Indeed, these are more powerful. The .22 pellets make fair use of air rifles. There are naturally bulky and can withstand the force of your arms. This is what makes it different and better than .177.
Better stability in flight, because 22 pellets have heavy caliber shells that fly through the air and can withstand and reduce wind resistance. Thus, they provide the stability of the flight instead, to accurately hit hard your target.
To do damage to this important: to hit the small games in one fell swoop, the 22 pellets is one of the best choices. With the pellets .177, the small games can still move after being shot. However, the 22 pellets can hunt them down instantly.

Are .22 hollow point pellets good for hunting?

Yes, most hunters tend to use hollow-point pellets for hunting. All the credits go to their expansion capabilities due to which they have an extreme knockdown power.

Is .22 pellet the best for squirrel hunting?

Yes, they are perfect for backyard vermin extermination, and because many have a hollow point design, you can kill garden pests almost instantly with these good pellets.

What is the most accurate .22 pellet?

Always go with the heavy lead .22 pellets as they have higher accuracy compared to the non-lead pellets. Also, do not miss out on looking for a flatter trajectory as that hits with more accuracy.

What type of pellet is best for hunting?

The ones with hollow-point tip and excellent flight stability are considered the most widely used for hunt trips.

What are the best .22 pellets?

There is no doubt that there is tremendous availability in pellet products for air pistols and rifles. However, if you are new to the fold of air rifle enthusiasts, you may have enough knowledge to believe in the best .22 caliber pellets used for hunting.
The best weapon for an air rifle is suitable for storage. Some products hit or miss, and it may take a while to figure out what works in your rifle or pistol.
However, additional knowledge always makes it easier to buy pellets. So if you want to find the best, you can always refer to the .22 caliber best pellet reviews above for a quick reference.


This article tried to cover the best .22 pellets for hunting. If you are still confused, we recommend that you go for the JSB Diabolo Jumbo Exact Monster .22 Caliber as we consider it to be one of the best-built ones in the market currently. What else do you look for? Let us know your hunting needs below.

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