The Best Go Karting Helmets

Go-karting, without doubt, is the most affordable motorsport out there to get you your adrenaline-rush. Whether you are an amateur or an expert, one of most important things that should be taken care of while you go-kart is safety. Keep on reading to find the best karting helmets available in the market.

Unlike in other sports like auto racing, in go-karting, you leave yourself exposed to the high-speed environment around you, and so it requires extra care towards safety.

While talking about safety gears, the foremost thing the one needs to know about are the safety helmets. In go-karting it is recommended to use Snell-certified motorsport helmets because if it’s stricter certification requirements, making it much more safe and reliable.

Factors that you should keep in mind, Before investing in a good helmet:

Firstly, Remember that you are buying the helmet primarily to safeguard yourself for injury. While appearance and looks and important, it should never be the deciding factor for your purchase.

While second-hand gears are always more affordable, you should never rush into buying one of those. Barring the hygiene issues, you can never trust a pre-owned gear’s integrity and shouldn’t compromise your safety to save a few pennies.

Also, it is important to know the longevity of the helmet. This is so because all Snell helmets have an expiry date printed on it, beyond which it is no longer legal or viable.

And now follows a curated list of top go-karting helmets weighing factors like affordability, safety, weight and looks. A list that will help you choose your ideal go-karting helmet to keep you going (and karting).

Best Karting Helmets

Conquer Carbon Fiber Racing Helmet:

Conquer Carbon Fiber Full Face Auto Racing Helmet Snell SA2015

At the top of our list is the Conquer Carbon Fiber Racing Helmet, which is by far one of the Best Go Karting helmet one can find.

Made of carbon fiber, it is extremely durable and light with a weight of a little over 3 pounds (just!).

This Snell SA2015 certified helmet features a brilliant aerodynamic design. The glossy finish and classy shines appeals to the eyes immediately. It also has HANS threaded inserts in the shell and a 3 mm anti-scratch and flame-resistant shield, making it robust and able to withstand heavy impact.

It features wide eye ports thus ensuring maximum visibility on the tracks.

The interior is well-padded, soft and comfortable with detachable cheek pads for cleaning. Presence of 10 well placed vents keeps your head cool.

In a nutshell, this helmet is a perfect blend of superior quality, modern design, full safety and comfort. And is therefore the best to invest in.

Conquer Carbon Fiber Full Face Auto Racing Helmet
Conquer Carbon Fiber Full Face Auto Racing Helmet Snell SA2015, Stay cool during the race with 10 airflow vents. Conquer car racing helmets are approved by Snell for all major racing associations.

Bell K1 Pro Circuit Brus Helmet:

Bell Racing K.1 PRO CIRCUIT RED M (58-59) SA2015 V.15 BRUS HELMET.

The Bell K1 Pro Circuit Brus Helmet is another, almost a winner safety helmet suited for professional go-karters. It’s features are only second to our previous recommendation, being light-weight (3.5 pounds), durable and featuring an appealing aerodynamic design. The aerodynamic design reduces the drag during the kart race.

This helmet is also very well ventilated with 10 vents all around the body to pour in fresh air and keep your top cool. The multi-foam density standard interior gives it the comfort we all desire while karting.

It is also equipped with integrated channels, which makes hooking up a radio communication system easy. The draw-string bag to store the helmet acts as a bonus.

Another top pick making to this list is the Bell K1 Pro. Helmets aren’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but with Conquer varieties being easier on the wallet, they’re a real game-changer. One of the best cheap karting helmet.

It comes is 6 appealing sizes and 4 different vibrant colours – matter black, white, circuit blue and circuit red. The Bell K1 Pro Circuit Brus Helmet is the second best karting helmet for good reasons.

Bell Racing K.1 PRO CIRCUIT RED M (58-59) SA2015 V.15 BRUS HELMET, The K.1 Pro is a great helmet for open wheel racers, closed car racers and kart racers who demand superior features including light weight, excellent fit and multiple ventilation options.

Zamp RZ-42 Helmet:

Zamp Men's Full-Face-Helmet-Style RZ-42 Helmet Graphic (Silver, Medium)

Another professionally suited helmet featuring in this list is the Zamp RZ-42 Helmet. The Tri-Tech Air System lets the driver benefit for forced air, natural air and air plugs. Drivers can take advantage of the predrilled hydration holes for longer races.

The shell is made of kevlar mix that makes the helmet both light and sturdy. It is also complimented by an aerodynamic design and features a shell and chin bar. 

The interior is soft and comfortable. Here also, the inner pads are easily removable and washable.

With an array of professional features like noise dampening ear muffs, M6 inserts for restraints, Z-20 series 3mm clear shield and chin bar, this helmet is an absolute recommendation for intermediate go-karters.

Zamp Men's Full-Face-Helmet-Style RZ-42 Helmet
Click image to open expanded view Zamp Men's Full-Face-Helmet-Style RZ-42 Helmet Graphic (Silver, Medium), Z sports offers helmets and head & neck protection with leading edge technology.

Bell V.15 Brus Helmet:


Next on the line is the Bell V.15 Brus Helmet, especially suited for entry level go-karters.

Known for its lightweight construction and aerodynamic design, this SA2015 certified helmet comes in four different sizes and four different colours.

 Despite having a heavy-duty composite shell it weighs only 3.5 pounds, extremely light for a karting helmet. All but the orange version of it features a full chin barbar and a very high degree of ventilation.

This helmet features a 3 mm SRV Shield, large-sized eye ports and M6 hardware for neck and shoulder restraint devices. This inner fabric is soft and comfortable but non-detachable which might make its cleaning a little troublesome.

All in all, this feature-rich helmet is a solid pick for karting.

Bell Racing SPORT EDGE BLACK GRAPHIC LARGE -60- SA2015 V.15 BRUS HELMET, The all-purpose Sport offers closed face protection, a wide range of features, full ventilation and is a perfect choice for racers on a budget or enthusiasts just entering the sport.

Arai SK-6 Karting Helmet:

Arai GP-6S WHITE M 57-58cm

The next on our list is Arai SK6 by ARAI.

The helmet is designed to fit intermediate oval head shapes, one of the most common out there.

The shell is made using a method called Complex Laminate Construction(CLC), essentially layering compounds together in close bonding to make a sturdy yet lightweight material.

The Arai GP-6S helmet is the replacement for the GP-5S. This new design borrows elements from higher end models such as the GP-6 and GP-RC.

One stand out feature is the new positive lock shield. It provides solid latching for the visor, but still allows the visor to be lifted up normally. Arai has also revised the chin bar to increase structural integrity.

An added benefit of the new chin bar is a change in the shape to allow more clearance in the shoulder area. Features include Single adjustable air scoop at the front & rear.

Increased in size from the older GP-5 series Exclusive to the GP-6S, wider eye port for increased peripheral view New shield pivot hardware improves aerodynamics Pre-drilled HANS posts Flat surface to provide proper supports for anchor posts to rest on.

Overall it is a great pick for beginners, intermediate as well as professional go karters, adding comfort along with safety to their karting experience.

Arai GP-6S WHITE M 57-58cm
Arai GP-6S WHITE M 57-58cm, The Arai GP-6S helmet is the replacement for the GP-5S. This new design borrows elements from higher end models such as the GP-6 and GP-RC. One stand out feature is the new positive lock shield.

Zamp RZ-58 Helmet:

Zamp RZ-58 Snell SA2015 Helmet Matte Black Small

Next on the list is the Snell SA2015 certified, highly affordable safety helmet. It is made if composite fiberglass that makes it sturdy and strong. It weight around 3.74 pounds.

The helmet is equipped with a 7- Top Air system ventilating the interior. The chin scalp and exhaust vents pump in fresh air, and the warm air is pumped out of rear side. The interior is made of a fire-retardant thick material and is extremely comfortable to wear. The wide eye ports give you a great angle of vision while karting.

The helmet is also equipped with M6 inserts for restraint devices. These inserts are ideally positioned and easy to install on any Zamp helmet.

Overall, this is by the far the best helmet to go for when talking about affordability, safety and looks.

Zamp RZ-58 Snell SA2015 Helmet
Zamp RZ-58 Snell SA2015 Helmet Matte Black Small, Z Sports offers Helmets and Head & Neck Protection with leading edge technology.

Zamp FSA-3:

Zamp FSA-3 Auto Full Face Snell SA2015 Helmet White Large

Another Zamp helmet, FSA-3 is a great go-karting helmet suited for go-karting classes and absolute beginners. The Snell SA2015 certified helmet is made of fibreglass, having a robust exterior and weighs around 4 pounds. The interior made of flame-retardant material, is quite comfortable and very well ventilated. The 6 vents at the chin area and 2 at the top, along with the rear exhaust, keep your head cool and damp-free.

The visor allows decent visibility for you to spot other karts on the track. The front of the helmet features a standard 3 mm Z-15 shield with 12.25” tear-off posts. The strategically positioned M6 inserts allows one to connect head and neck restraints comfortably.

All in all, for total beginners this is a great helmet to go with.

Zamp FSA-3 Auto Full Face Snell SA2015 Helmet
Zamp FSA-3 Auto Full Face Snell SA2015 Helmet White Large, Fiberglass Lightweight Shell • Plush Fire Retardant Interior, M6 Inserts for Head & Neck Restraint, Scalp and Chin Bar Ventilation with rear Exhausts.

Typhoon Racing Helmet:

This is another SA2015 certified racing helmet made of high quality fiberglass composite, weighing around 4 pounds.

The air vents on the front, top and back of the helmet keep the air circulating, a key feature to look for while go-karting in warmer The Typhoon Racing Helmet features a Kevlar chin strap that is firmly secured with a D-ring closure, making it flame-retardant and abrasion-resistant.

It also sports a 3 mm hard coated face shield with eye port gaskets, which help to filter dust, debris and other air particles. 

The helmet fully complies with SCCA and NHRA helmet rules and is overall a great entry-level helmet for beginner to intermediate level go-kart racing.


So here ends the list of Top 10 Go Karting helmet. For final thoughts, make sure you choose the ideal helmet for yourself ensuring total safety and sporting a dazzling look at the same time. Do not hesitate to go a penny here and there from your thought-of budget, if it gets you a helmet that will last longer than others.

Keep racing and Keep going.

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