Best Bike Messenger Bag

10 Best Bike Messenger Bag that you must see

Riding your bicycle is an excellent way to lower your carbon footprint, get a little exercise, and have some fun on your daily commute. However, one major problem is where to place all of your stuff. These messenger bags resolve that problem well, since they may safely hold your equipment when making you look trendy to boot up. They are fantastic for anybody who wants to ride to work without running the danger of showing up unprepared.

While biking backpacks may get the job done, you may also be the sort of person that looks for a compact form factor? So, if you’re interested in more significant storage capability or hunting for easier accessibility for your handbag’s material, there’ll be a bicycle messenger bag that is suitable for your requirements. Luckily, you do not need to scour through all of the choices because we have created a list of the most durable, fashionable, and convenient bicycle courier luggage to transport around town.

Best Bike Messenger Bags

Timbuk2 Especial Cycling Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 Especial Cycling Messenger Bag: Best bike messenger bag

If you are doing bicycle commuting to work, college, or via the City — Timbuk2 Especial Cycling messenger tote is excellent for cyclists.

Among the Main highlights of the messenger bag is the material quality. The 500 Denier Ripstop Cordura Nylon substance is exceptional because of the water-resistant attributes. It’s famed because of its army gear program.

There’s a waterproof TPU lining inside the upper Flap to stop water from entering the primary compartment.

When you shut the top flap, the bag’s two edges come up higher, and it folds over. Because of this, it provides additional protection against the water once you get caught in the rain.

On the inside, you will Find a Fairly standard main Compartment to your stuff, a zippered pocket, water bottle pockets, plus another pocket for your notebook. Then, you will find two pockets on the outside.

The big version of the Timbuk2 Especial messenger tote can Fit as much as a 15-inch notebook computer. If you are cycling using a notebook, I will urge you to get a notebook sleeve for additional protection.

What I adore about this messenger bag is your magnetic buckle Closed straps onto the enclosure, which is easy to open with one hand while still sitting on the bicycle.

The shoulder strap is adjustable, padded, and comes with a stabilizer strap. It’s reversible. Thus, if you are left-handed, swap the shoulder strap preparing the unwanted clips.

Overall, the Timbuk2 Especial biking messenger tote is a Fantastic bag for biking. With reflective panels to guarantee you secure, particularly when cycling at night. On the other hand, the bag is a bit heavy for many people.


  • Durable material
  • Magnetic buckles
  • Reflective panels for security
  • Additional waterproofing attributes


  • Heavy
  • The shoulder strap layout could be better.

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag
Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag

We start things off with a commuter bag Created by the totes and Accessories sector pioneer: Timbuk2. This bag made from Cordura, a more durable, more water-resistant, and lighter material than any other messenger backpack cloth.

The main compartment is Full of pockets to Assist You Arrange your stuff. It’s two stretch pockets, a slash pocket at the rear for your notebook, a simplified organizer up and upwards against the front a zipper pouch together with a napoleon side pocket for advantage if you want to catch your mobile phone quickly.

You should go with the moderate (21 L) or the Big one (28 L). Both smaller choices are not practical for bicycle commuters. Additionally, the top flap comes outfitted with a tpu lining, essentially making your courier backpack. Designed to last a lifetime, it’s the quintessential bicycle messenger bag.

Chrome Industries Mini Metro Messenger Bag

Chrome Industries Mini Metro Messenger Bag: Amazing build quality and durable
Chrome Industries Mini Metro Messenger Bag

Chrome Has Existed in the marketplace since 1995; also, they are one of the leaders in supplying high-quality luggage.

Their Chrome Industries Mini Metro Messenger Bag is just one of The very well-known luggage for bikers throughout the nation.

The messenger bag is stylish, watertight, functional, and durable. The bag is most likely the close rival to the Timbuk2 Especial Cycling messenger bag concerning quality.

They are designed with a synthetic woven cloth 1050 Denier Ballistic nylon material famous for its weatherproof, high tear strength, and abrasion.

The tote is a Little compact but can hold a capacity of approximately 20.5 liters. It has a lot of room to carry your accessories, including a miniature bicycle bike pump, newspapers, publications, a set of sneakers, and a few clothing for regular commuting.

This Chrome tote includes a broad strip of Velcro under the Best flap. It’s made for ease of use in your mind once you can pull it up to get your articles within the tote.

But, some people might find this feature a Little annoying Since it’s loudly when open. It is an unpleasant experience, particularly when you’re in the library or your workplace.

The organization of the bag Is Quite easy without a lot of pockets. You have slots on each side, created for water bottles, and a few different pouches for different things. On the exterior, there are a couple of little pockets for quick access.

Though the bag will accommodate up to some 13-inch notebook, it Lacks a dedicated padded section on your apparatus. If you are going to ride a bike together with your pc, I highly advise you to buy an excess notebook sleeve for protection.

The cool thing about this bag is that the shoulder strap design. Created using a seat belt buckle, which is super easy for you to take it off and on.

The shoulder strap is broad and equipped with EVA foam back. It’s breathable and reduces the weight on your shoulder. There is a cross strap to add stability when biking.

The iconic Chrome Industries Mini Metro Messenger Bag is Undoubtedly among the very rugged and trendy bags for bikers. Each of the interior liners is produced with 18oz truck tarpaulin to better its waterproofness and durability.


  • Seatbelt-style release buckle with a jar opener
  • Waterproof
  • Sturdy, reliable and dependable
  • Outstanding sewing quality


  • Deficiency of pockets
  • No different padded section for notebook

Banjo Brothers Bike Messenger Bag

Banjo Brothers Bike Messenger Bag
Banjo Brothers Bike Messenger Bag

Just the best bang for the dollar cycling messenger bag There’s also, with a whopping 33 liters of power, you’ll have tons of space to fill your bicycle messenger back.

It is made from ballistic nylon, hardy, and very durable cloth you Do not need to think about it ripping. Inside we’ve got a detachable padded laptop divider along with a mobile phone holster.

Even if equipped with reflective piping around the front, always ride with bicycle lights to be sure men and women see you. This bicycle messenger backpack includes a significant number of pockets to match things such as loose paper, keys, or a bicycle lock. What’s more, as a result of this lavish shoulder pad, you won’t sense any tension despite a heavy load—certainly the biking courier tote for urban cyclists, which are having extra storage space.

Kemy Messenger Bag

Kemy Messenger Bag: Good bike messenger bag
Kemy Messenger Bag

Kemy’s Messenger Bag School Work Sport Fits Shoulder Bags Nylon Satchel Shoulder Crossbody Men & Women

Kemy messenger bag is a Great choice when You Have a Tight budget but need something durable and functional for everyday biking.

It’s a stylish, lightweight, and flexible messenger Bag you might get without breaking the bank.

It’s a surprisingly plenty of slots and zippered pockets For a business of small products.

The inside of the bag is very roomy to maintain your publications, water bottle, keys, cables, etc.. There’s a superb padded segment that may match to a 14-inch notebook computer.

Among the messenger bag’s attractive features is that it’s Two lock straps to attach your luggage to the bike frame. It’s possible to mount the bag around the bicycle frame, so it’s possible to have a brief break along your trip.

The shoulder strap is comfortable, and there’s another Cross strap accessible to remain in place in your body when slung on the shoulder.

The shoulder strap buckles have an exceptional design that allows One to take off if you wish to readily detach.

The tote is made up of nylon material. Even Though It seems Cheap, it’s incredibly durable, lightweight, and waterproof. It’s three primary colors, which form the tote looks stylish and striking.

Last but not least, Kemy Messenger Bag includes a reflective logo On the top flap to offer safety when cycling at nighttime.

If you are a bicycle commuter, this is the most comfortable for your ride.


  • Stylish (tricolor)
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable Price
  • Comfortable shoulder strap


  • Pockets are too small to get a water bottle.
  • Strap relationship gets squeaky because it rotates.

Osprey Flap Bike Jack Courier

Osprey Flap Bike Jack Courier
Osprey Flap Bike Jack Courier

Osprey knows how to fabricate bicycle courier bags, Especially for urban commuters. This tote is impressive, and nicely coordinated and the most smart-looking commuter backpack in our choice.

Essential Qualities to Choose this biking messenger backpack would be its Padded notebook sleeve to keep your computer safe, its own carefully constructed pockets to supply you with the ideal storage choices, and its own reflective logo to improve your visibility at nighttime.

Additionally, the adjustable cushioned shoulder strap will keep your shoulder or neck comfortable as you ride your bike. Therefore, if you’re searching for a lightweight, professional and comfortable fixie courier backpack, trust me, this is the one for you.

Leaper Retro Messenger Bag

Leaper Retro Messenger Bag
Leaper Retro Messenger Bag

If you are tired of this standard appearing of a messenger bag And desire something different, allow me to present you to the Leaper Retro messenger bag.

This bag appears like a backpack except that you Want to Wear it like a crossbody.

This tote is made from soft and durable canvas fabric with Polyurethane (PU) leather ribbon. It provides you an aesthetic leather design with no need to invest in costly genuine leather.

The downside of using the yarn substance is that it Isn’t waterproof.

Unlike some other messenger bags that I’ve reviewed previously, this Messenger bag has plenty of pockets — just like a backpack. On the interior, there’s 1 section that may match to a 13-inch notebook computer.

The section is rather modest. It may be appropriate to take a Slim notebook or tablet computer. Incidentally, it isn’t padded. You’ve got to obtain an excess sleeve for your PC.

Besides the attributes, this Retro messenger tote also Includes a number of multicolored pockets scattered through the bag for convenience.

The flap itself includes two magnetic clasps that fasten it. Will remain shut, but nevertheless, give you easy access if you want it.

Please be aware that you will find two variations of the bag — Medium and Large. For the bigger version, there’s a single exterior mesh pocket for carrying out a little water bottle while the moderate does not possess this attribute.

Among the best things about this bag is that the shoulder strap Can be changed from left to right and vice versa.

Whenever your shoulder feels pain, then you can cross the tote to Another shoulder by altering the clip. The shoulder strap is padded but might not as superior as additional bags.

Leaper Retro messenger bag is an excellent handbag for biking. It’s Rugged, stylish, cheap, functional, and multi-pockets.

But It lacks “waterproofness” that is vital when get caught in the rain on a bicycle.


  • Lots of pockets
  • Lightweight material
  • Interchangeable strap for both sides


  • Not watertight
  • Only carry a tiny size of notebook or tablet computer.

Chrome Citizen Bike Messenger Bag

Chrome Citizen Bike Messenger Bag
Chrome Citizen Bike Messenger Bag

This Chrome bicycle messenger backpack is the most exceptional Bicycle messenger bag in our listing. Its uniqueness chiefly comes in the seatbelt buckle, which attaches its first shoulder strap. There’s also a bottle opener integrated into the buckle, so fairly neat once you forget. As of equilibrium, you may be sure the Chrome Citizen will not budge due to its cross-chess strap.

Fabricated using abrasion-resistant 1050d nylon, makes sure it will not tear out of regular use. Additionally, this biking messenger bag is weatherproof; as a result of its truck tarpaulin lining, the bag will remain protected in the snow, rain, and humidity.

Entirely built in America, its 26 liters capability will Accommodate as much as a 17-inch notebook with additional grip in its main compartment. This bike courier bag is crafted for bicycle commuters that are looking to get a premium excellent fixie messenger backpack having a bit of imagination.

BagBase Messenger bags

BagBase Messenger bags
BagBase Messenger bags

If you are looking for an iconic messenger bag, say hello to the BagBase Messenger bag (M).

This moderately sized messenger bag is available in 15 different color options leaving the purchaser lots of choices when seeking to match their character.

The BagBase messenger bag is water-resistant because of the heavy-duty Comfort outer coating and a rip-stop lining. There’s, like on top superior messenger bags, a reflective strip for visibility functions.

The main compartment is 12.5 liters and was created to Adapt A4/foolscap-sized folders. You’ll have the ability to fit your technology like a notebook or tablet too readily. There’s also a number of different sized pockets to match every other essential you might have for your bike ride.

The best part about this bag is your extra-wide cushioned strap, Which comprises BagBase’s third leg. It’s super comfy and secure when riding.

Seagull Commuter Sling

Seagull Commuter Sling
Seagull Commuter Sling

Can you dream of carting a mountain around aimlessly across your back? Maybe you’re a bodybuilder that would like to walk around using a messenger bag filled with weights.

All jokes aside, the Superfund is enormous. Compare it to the Banjo Brothers Big messenger bag, and you’ll observe that it makes that large bag seem insect-sized. This bag is constructed for folks that should carry their whole office together every single day, or perhaps even for bike delivery guys, which don’t want to stop by the headquarters regularly to re-supply on parcels.

This messenger bag features a large pocket. That’s designed For papers and envelopes to sit flat. You will find bucket outer pockets and organizers to keep everything in place. On the exterior is just three sets of freight straps that may literally hold a bicycle frame box into the rear of the tote.

Bear in Mind, If You’re Purchasing a messenger bag this large, it Will pull you back just a tiny bit after riding. Just ever ride using a dimension that you’re familiar with.

All importantly, the Superfund deserves a thumbs up because of the Sheer carrying quantity.


I hope you enjoyed this list of the best bike messenger bags. These messenger bags are stylish, as they are incredibly versatile and elegant and are still very much in fashion.

These messenger bags can be used to carry a lot of things. Some of them can be plain umbrella, a water bottle that you can use while riding, lip balm, USB cable, laptop, pair of headphones, keys, and sunglasses, etc. If you think there something missing as to the best bike messenger bags, feel free to comment them down below.

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