Best Hiking Watches under 200

5 Best Hiking Watch under 200 Dollars (2021)

Are you looking for the best hiking watch under 200? There is no more pleasant and refreshing feeling in this world than a hiking tour. More than a suitable substitute for the usual sweat in the studio or training at the gym, nothing beats the fresh air or the steep inclines that give you an amazing mentality.

Whether you are a beginner or a practically professional climber, a hike always gives you a special aesthetic feel and you will love it. The best outdoor watch under 200 is really the foundation for security.

Getting out of crowded cities and noisy neighborhoods to find peace in nature is one of the best things we can do, and it’s also the best form of mental detox that no pill or doctor can offer you.

It’s even better if we can go to a place where all the devices are left switched off and no phone needs downloading any sort of information. I leave all technical devices except one, which is my watch

When I hike, my watch is an essential tool that makes a significant contribution to me and is designed to handle all the elements and protect me in the mountains.

You will often hear that most people refer to hiking watches as ABC watches. The ABC stands for altimeter, barometer, and compass. Altitude is used to measure altitude. A barometer is used to measure climate change, and a digital compass is useful to point you in the right direction.

The great thing about hiking watches under $200 is that they have many advanced features that provide great navigation and long battery life for multi-day adventures without an internet connection.

It is the ideal companion for all hikers, cyclists, trekkers, campers, climbers, backpackers, and everyone who is enthusiastic about travel.

Let’s take a look at the best hiking watch under 200 on the market with different price ranges. All have unique features that make these an indispensable tool for serious hikers.

Best Hiking Watch Under $200 Reviews

Garmin 010-02064-00 Instinct Outdoor Watch with GPS

Best Hiking Watch Under $200 - The Garmin Instinct Outdoor Watch
Best Hiking Watch Under $200 – The Garmin Instinct Outdoor Watch

It’s one of the best times of the year for hiking. The Garmin Instinct Outdoor Watch with GPS is that hiking watch that you will be happy with its wide range to suit your hiking needs. All under a price of 200 Dollars.

The name Garmin is something you’ve probably heard for a long time. And for good reason: their products really are built to last and perform. This watch – aptly named Instinct – is proof therefrom.

It is not an ordinary smartwatch that you get from brands like Samsung or Apple as it allows for difficult hikes as it has many advantages. Excellent features that make it more attractive to serious travelers as it comes with GPS and TOPO maps. These are user-generated route maps that instantly display the best routes on your route, be it walking or sprinting. The heart rate monitor is very accurate. The watch’s ability to track stress levels and activity levels will amaze you. An invaluable feature if you’ve been making a backpack for a long time.

You can also adapt it to your taste and needs by entering the specific distance or path you want to go. It will show you the optimal distance which is a fast route. The watch also has a barometer, altimeter, gyroscope, and three axial compasses.

It also includes smart features such as various health trackers such as the Pulse Ox acclimation sensor. This sensor effectively monitors the level of oxygen level in the blood. The highly intuitive TracBack technology is particularly noteworthy. This is a mechanism that allows you to view your route from a specific point to the starting point. It can make a big difference when looking for a new way.

This acts as a virtual trainer to measure user success statistics, which you can also download to your device or smartphone to view and improve your training.

The hiking watch also includes a built-in Spotify that allows you to listen to and download your favorite songs. It’s also equipped with a built-in GPS, so it’s the perfect companion for a serious hike and definitely deserves your attention.

  • Battery life is superb
  • Waterproof up to 100m.
  • Super durable and Military Standard Design.
  • Special UltraTrac and TracBack features.
  • No access to Garmin Connect IQ apps.
  • Using GPS mode drains the battery quickly

Casio Men’s Pro Trek Watch – Best Casio Hiking watch

Casio Men's Pro Trek Watch - Best Casio Hiking watch
Casio Men’s Pro Trek Watch

It is available at regular prices as it offers specific features and is very useful for any hiking fan who wants to get stuck in a jungle safari.

The Casio Hiking Watch under $200 comes with a tough solar power mode and a sturdy ABS plastic exterior that gives the watch structural integrity as it is wear-resistant and is very useful in harsh environments.

It also has a barometer display range: 260-1100 hPa, which is very convenient and accurate. It has a large LCD display with built-in LED lighting for clarity and details are properly distributed. A dual sensor is useful for measuring temperature and height.

So basically, a strong pressure sensor gives you reliable readings up to 10,000 meters and barometric pressure readings every 2 hours. This will help you to forecast the weather with reasonable accuracy.

It is lightweight so you can wear it all day long. The Casio Pro trek hiking watch can withstand low temperatures, which is an excellent option for jogging in the rain, and is waterproof up to 100 meters, which is also suitable for swimming.

Using its multiple alarm system, you can be set both loud and clear five times a day. A built-in thermometer and barometer will help you determine exactly what temperature you are expecting.

  • Solid and Durable watch
  • Large LCD Display
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Double LCD ensures low battery use
  • Does not support streaming services like Spotify

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SUUNTO Core Men’s Outdoor Hiking Sports Watch

SUUNTO Core Men's Outdoor Hiking Sports Watch: Top hiking watch under $200
SUUNTO Core Men’s Outdoor Hiking Sports Watch

The next watch we have chosen for review is from Suunto. This Outdoor Hiking watch has all the most important features we can reasonably expect from their hike watch.

This watch allows you to easily monitor your height with a fast and effective height and monitor your blood pressure level with a barometer. Predicting this will always give you good information, starting with the operation of the book, starting with the operation to check the weather trends, with information related to high and high prices. Additionally, you can set the clock language to French, Spanish, and German.

Now those features are offered by all functional hiking watches. However, there are very few watches that have a thermometer, especially, an outdoor watch under 200 that is also very effective. This watch not only accurately displays weather and temperature information, but can also operate at 20°C and 60°C.

Speaking of working in extreme weather conditions, the main feature that I personally love of this watch is definitely the hurricane alarm. This feature allows the watch to control the irregular drop of air pressure to predict future storms. This triggers a loud and flashy alarm to warn you that you need to be alerted.

In addition, this watch can also display the sunset and sunset calendar in up to 400 locations around the world. This can be a huge advantage, especially when you are planning a day.

The downside to this watch is that there’s no proper built in GPS.

  • Clear and easy to read large display.
  • Intelligent Storm Alarm with alerts
  • Impressive Battery life
  • No built-in GPS

Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch

Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch: best hiking watch under $100
Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch

Well, it is possible that you may be looking for the best hiking watch under $100? If so, this is the one. And the good reason for this is that we chose to do this because this Timex “Expedition” watch really outperforms all your expectations from this cheap hiking watch.

With a full resin construction, with a 50mm (black) resin case and resin strap, this Timex watch offers amazing durability and functionality. Yes, it is also waterproof up to 100 meters.

But it doesn’t stop there. With this watch, you will also find a chronograph that can record up to 100 hours. You also get a timer that can count up to 24 hours. Lastly, you get 3 different vibrating / audible alarms (daily, weekly with weekends).

And this thing doesn’t just show the time – it can do it for 3 different time zones, using the 24-hour military format. It can also display day and date. You can also use it for hydration reminders and alerts.

This watch is perfect for hiking in lowland areas, or if you want a watch for treks under $200.

It is understood that you won’t be able to get the ABC of a hiking watch. But it is a very good fit, especially considering the price of under $100 and the features, this watch offers at such a low price. I think it’s a steal deal and you should get one right away!

  • Much lighter than it looks
  • A lot of features
  • Multiple time zones
  • Very Durable and Basically indestructible
  • The Dial Size is really huge
  • The face picks up scratches super easily

Garmin 35 Forerunner

Garmin 35 Forerunner Hiking watch under $100
Garmin 35 Forerunner

This Garmin watch is not exactly a hiking watch, but an excellent basic running watch, with a built-in GPS chip, wrist-controlled heart rate, and adjustable interval training so that it is equipped with all the necessities for the sport.

If you are looking for a device to track your current statistics, this is your choice. Forerunner has a range of 35 modes for cycling and swimming. However, the basic function is configured to run or hike. Due to its significant budget, it offers the complete package and GPS option.

It also comes with a run / loop function that tells you when to slow down or speed up, which will be very useful for beginners. Modes also give you work / rest time to adjust to warm-up and warm-up, and even for experienced athletes you can set goals and make sure you do.

As a performance tracker, the Top 35 does the right thing, as it shows your daily steps, your calories and your heart rate 24/7, as well as a graph of your heart rate on your watch.

With the Garmin Connect app, you can see all the alerts on your wrist, whether it’s social media or other alerts, and you don’t need to answer your phone after a while. The battery is nice and will last you 9 days on normal use and on GPS mode it can withstand for 9 hours.

When you watch the Connect app in the morning you can find out your sleep data from last night. It reliably monitors your sleep as it shows the speed of your sleep and the amount of deep and light sleep. Definitely one of the best hiking watches under both categories of $100 and $200 if you are willing to give up the ABC watch part of a hiking watch.

Shopping Guide: Things to Know for Hiking Watches Under 200

If you are looking for the best watch for running and walking, there are many notable features like GPS and weather related features among others. It can be confusing to consider all the possibilities, so here we have to consider.

The 3 ABC: altitude, barometer, compass

The vast majority of hiking watches have the capacity to give 3 readings: height, pressure, and cardinal. Let’s look at each function in turn.


The function of altitude is to measure the height of the surrounding area. For many, this is perhaps the most important feature of their immigration surveillance, given all the benefits associated with height information.

It is important to understand how size affects your body. Being at very high altitudes can cause altitude sickness, so altitude information can even save lives in some cases.


This is essentially the function of measuring atmospheric pressure, providing information on what can be useful in predicting weather changes.

A barometric function is invaluable and helps those on relatively longer migratory journeys. Also, if you don’t have access to the weather forecast when needed. For example, when you don’t have internet access), barometric reading can make a huge difference.


This function displays the 4 main directions: north, south, east, and west. This is a very useful feature when exploring unexplored routes.

There are now differences in the type of compass: it can be a 2D or 3D compass. The first will only work when the clock is at a perfectly horizontal angle, while the second will work in any position.

In general, even the cheapest inexpensive outdoor watches need to be accompanied by a compass. otherwise, it’s probably not worth your money.


If you don’t already know what it is, it’s an abbreviation for the term Global Positioning System. Basically, you’ll need the GPS feature if you don’t want to rely solely on compasses and maps to tell you where you are now.

Built-in GPS can be found in most hiking clocks and is obviously a very useful feature. Note, however, that the accuracy of the GPS largely depends on the quality of the watch.

More complex GPS functions can also provide other important data such as distance and speed. The value of this information is entirely up to you.


A thermometer, of course, tells you the temperature of your surroundings. Again, this is a handy feature for multi-day treks.

However, it is usually a bit difficult to get an accurate reading because the watch sits on your wrist and can be affected by your body temperature. Unfortunately, the cheaper the watch, the less accurate the thermometer.


You might be thinking that just because you’re looking for the best budget hiking watch, you can’t have high expectations when it comes to endurance. False! The vast majority of hiking watches are designed to be durable as they are intended to be used as outdoor watches.

The main checklist for continuing care basically consists of 2 things: whether the watch is waterproof and whether the straps are durable.

Note, however, that not all immigration watches will come with scratch-resistant glass. Unfortunately, this feature usually forces you to spend a bit more.

Heart rate monitor

This function allows the watch to read and display your heart rate. While this feature can come in handy for maintaining a healthy and steady pace on the road, it’s probably a feature you might miss out on unless you have a situation to control.

After all, it’s just a possibility to add to the price.

FAQ: Common Questions that people face while purchasing the best hiking watch under 200

  1. What features can I expect from a hiking watch under $ 200?

    The basic ABCs: altitude, barometer, and compass (discussed in more detail above). In addition, you can also expect alarm clocks and/or timers.

  2. Is it worth buying a cheap hiking watch?

    First of all, $ 200 is not exactly cheap, just because there is more on the market. Secondly, it is worth it. Many experienced hikers prefer to keep it simple, relying on themselves.

  3. Can I wear my hiking watch when I am not hiking?

    Of course, you can. However, if you are into aesthetics, you may need to compromise on some aspects of functionality.

  4. How accurate is the Hiking watch GPS?

    While the integration of GPS in hiking watches is an incredible achievement of innovation in outdoor equipment, the quality of GPS is not always guaranteed. Unfortunately, this is especially true if you do not pay much for the watch.

  5. What is the altitude of a hiking clock used for?

    The function of an altitude is to measure the altitude at which you are at all times. This can be invaluable information when you travel long distances and are at risk for altitude sickness.


By now you should have got some idea of the best hiking watch under 200. In case you are still confused: we think Casio Pathfinder is a great game in every way.

The Suunto Core is very popular, not only for its features, but also for its elegant minimalist design.

And if you’re not convinced yet, why not go back to our shopping guide?

Anyway, good hiking and stay safe!

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